founded on 24th April 1998, has been a well-known Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) for almost two decades. Registered with the Reserve Bank of India, we have been at the forefront in providing secured loans to small and mid-sized corporates. As part of our latest expansion, we have added lending solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into our product portfolio. This part of our business is focused on addressing the financial goals of SMEs through a series of secured and unsecured loan solutions that can be customized to client fundamentals. At the core of our business processes and our success are our employees. Our committed team of experts has years of experience in both secured and unsecured lending in the SME domain. Our dedicated team is constantly working to help more and more SMEs realize their goals of growth and expansion.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to financial lending to SMEs has been instrumental in helping our clients and our company succeed. Some of the most important aspects of our approach include:

Increased Visibility

We always focus on increasing our brand visibility in our targeted markets.

Unorganized SMEs

We cater to the financial needs of not just organized SMEs, but those of unorganized enterprises having positive profits and cash flows too. This especially includes SMEs that currently have no access to mainstream financing sources.

Multi-Channel Access

Using multiple channels in the markets to enable easy access to financing.

Empowering Through Technology

Empower clients through technology by speeding up processing time and shortening credit decision time.

Core Values

CIRCASSIA PACIFIC FINANCE LIMITED finds its inspiration in our core values:

The Customer

WWe have developed lending solutions around the requirements of our customers.

Ethical Practices

One of the pillars of our business success has been our investment in ethical practices and principles of fairness and integrity.

People-Oriented Business

Everything comes down to relationships. We start it off on the right foot by creating a progressive, open, and innovative environment for our employees. The returns are seen in the form of the trust we have built with our clients over the decades.


Our constant pursuit of happiness in all areas helps us deliver the best value to our clients.